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Practising a craft or developing a practical skill can be isolating although, for many crafts people, that is part of its appeal, working quietly on your own. Having said that, it can be useful to be part of a group of like minded people.

At the start of the COVID lockdown craft classes, shows and organisations just stopped over night. To help people keep in touch during this isolating time, I set up a Facebook Group for people in Essex and on its fringes.

As the lockdown came to an end I set up another Facebook Group for people involved with Canal Art Roses & Castles.

Craft Materials


Facebook is an increasingly popular way of bringing different groups of people together. Essex & Borders Creative Crafters Forum is for crafts people in Essex or people who live within 20 miles of the borders. The group was set up during the COVID 'lock-down' at the beginning of June 2020 as a way of bringing people together during a time of isolation. Its aim was and is to help people share information, ask for advice about crafts, craft materials, events and general chit-chat. It's open to anyone who has an interest in crafts from makers to show organisers. During the two years of 'lock-down' there were daily quiz question from Monday to Friday and a cartoon joke on Sundays.  There were also two or three posts a day related to craft. In the 'Files' section can be found lists of materials suppliers, organisations and a sample risk assessment form. Since COVID subsided the group has ticked along but not in quite an intensive way.

Canal Art Header Facebook


Facebook Groups can be aimed at local people with a common interest or on subjects with a national interest. Since the demise of the Waterways Craft Guild I had wanted a of way providing of a forum for those with an interest in Canal Art, so in 2021 I set up the Facebook Group, 'Canal Art-Roses & Castles'. Its aim is to cover any aspect of the decoration found on traditional Narrow Boats of the British canal network. It is open to all those with an interest in the subject, whether practitioners or those who like this traditional folk art/craft. Members can share stories of the history, show examples of work or ask for help. Since the group was founded there have been many posts with pictures of historical import items as well as posts that have helped put the subject into a better historical context. There has also been the opportunity to help answer questions from those who are just starting out.

To join both these groups there are three simple questions to answer and a list of rules to accept!