Introduction to Tim's Talks

Over many years I have used my photographs to illustrate a series of talks that started over thirty years ago. These were originally set up using 35mm slides and a slide projector but in recent years I have been updating these presentations to a digital format using the original transparencies and adding new photographs. These talks can be varied in length from forty-five to a hundred minutes depending on the requirements of the group or organisation. Listed below are the talks that have been developed and under development. For more information about these talks, please please email:

Canal Art

This talk explores the colourful decoration found on traditional canal narrow boats known as ‘Roses & Castles’. It's an art form that continues to develop although traditionalists have strong views on what it really is.  This talk will explain the possible origins of canal art and how the patterns are but up.


Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford was an Engineer who came from a humble background in Scotland and built canals, roads, harbours, churches, bridges, etc. He was consulted on many other projects, including early railways but was often referred to as the 'Bridge Builder'. His work found him constantly travelling the country so he didn't own his own home until latter years. He was the first President of the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Mind the Gap

Although Britain doesn't have the worlds deepest valleys or widest rivers, we’ve been innovators with design, use of new materials and construction methods creating many bridges across time. I look at examples of different types of bridges found across Britain, including a number of world firsts.

London's other Waterway

The River Thames has much to offer but so does the Regent’s Canal? Built in a semi-circle on London’s northern boundary from Limehouse in the East to Paddington basin in the West. The area of Docklands also has a new face and the waterways around Stratford. This talk is a pictorial journey around these waterways.


Not the Norfolk Broads

The County of Norfolk is very well known for the Norfolk Broads which many people have enjoyed through boating but there is so much more to be found. It's not a county you pass through to go anywhere else as there are no major ports or airports, it's stuck in a corner and can seem a little old fashioned at times. This talk explores Norfolk's coast, historic buildings, heritage railways, gardens and many more things to see and do.


Little Trains in the Landscape

Britain led the world as the first country where groups of volunteers got together to restore canals and other waterways. This was followed shortly after by railways .In 1950, a group of enthusiasts, led by the engineer and author Tom Rolt, called a public meeting in Birmingham and the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society was formed. This talk takes you on a tour of some of those Little Railways found in England and Wales with a little history and a view of the countryside.

Water Can
Canal art008
Thomas Telford
Tower Bridge
Little Venice Canalway Calvelcade
Tallylyn low res