Introduction to my website


Flick n Click

Flick represents the flick of my paint brush used to create canal art decoration and Click represents the shutter button on my camera. That's me in the picture, Tim Whitelock. Both canal art and photography are hobbies I like to share with others through teaching canal art, selling items at craft shows and giving talks.

My Background

I originally trained as a Furniture Designer/Cabinet Marker at the London College of Furniture in the 1970s. When I completed four years at the LCF the country was in one of its many recession so after working as a Technician in the Building Department of Hackney College for a few years, I went back to college and trained as a Design & Technology teacher. My first teaching position was at East Bergholt, close to Flatford Mill in Suffolk. I then moved to a school at Brentwood in Essex where I spent almost thirty years. I taught Design & Technology which included Woodwork, Metalwork, Plastics and  Graphics to GCSE and A Level. During that time I also taught the history of canal's, canal art and woodwork as an evening class.

Tim painting


How did I become interested in canals and associated subjects?

Canal Art

How did I become interested in Canal Art and develop my painting skills?


When did I become interested in photography and what type of pictures interest me?

Present Day

Now I am retired from full time teaching I can follow my various interests. Canal art with some continued teaching of the subject. Selling painted items at craft shows to clear out what I have painted and cover the costs of materials, although not my time! Redevelop my interest in photography and rewrite talks that I originally produced in the days when using a 'slide projector' was the norm. I also developed this website, something I had been wanting to do for years. I home you find some points of interest on the following pages.


Information in this website is written by me and all views are my own. None of the information represents the views of other individuals or organisations. If you find any mistakes I would welcome your feedback by email.


All photographs appearing on this site are the property of Tim Whitelock who has the copyright. 


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